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Internet of Things-

We are at the tip of the iceberg


IMOSTAR Technologies was founded in Zhubei, Taiwan by a team of wireless communication experts.  We have 20+ years of experience in low power RFIC design, deliver wireless solutions with industry-leading performance and power consumption, while maintaining the highest level of reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Our notable strengths lie in our specialized proficiency in RFIC and wireless communication system design.  RFIC solution evolves as underlying technology moves to higher integration; as a result, RF transceiver solutions may come with different types, primarily IP/KGD/IC.  Imostar adopts flexible business models to fulfill the market needs, providing IP/KGD for SoC/SIP.

  • BLE RF transceiver IP for single-die SoC solution

  • BLE KGD (Known Good Die) for SIP solution, packaging with host MCU.

IMOSTAR's core value is to provide best-in-class low power wireless communication solutions with competitive advantage to our clients, bringing their products to market quickly and effectively.  Our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and excellence make us a trusted partner. 



Big data and AI rely on IoT terminals/applications to collect reliable and useful dynamic data to solve the problems faced by modern society.  We've always encountered IoT application developers who did not know how to choose the right wireless solutions and were at a loss.  In particular, most application developers do not have sufficient experience in wireless communication and hence are unable to keep the project in hand, resulting in a time-consuming and resource-intensive product development cycle. 


Our team of experts have extensive experience in a wide range of applications including industrial IoT and ultra-low power IoT.  By leveraging our expertise in RF communication, power management and system-level integration, we deliver reliable, secure, low-power, high-performance and cost-effective wireless solutions, enable IoT application developers to stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of wireless communication, and meet the needs of today’s fragmented IoT market.



IMOSTAR's RFIC is a work of art in terms of its design and engineering, combining mastery in wireless technology and an artistic balance of performance and power.  Its development requires creative vision and technical expertise of a team of engineers, working together to bring their ideas to life.  

The sheer complexity of the circuit design and the number of components involved had to be not only technically excellent, but also be visually aesthetic with a compact form factor, working together in harmony to deliver seamless and flawless connectivity.  Small but powerful at the heart of IoT wireless communication.


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