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Internet of Things-

We are at the tip of the iceberg


IMOSTAR teams have been working in the field of IoT communication for many years.  We've always encountered IoT application developers who did not know how to choose the right communication solutions and were at a loss.  In particular, most application developers do not have sufficient experience in wireless communication and hence unable to keep the project in hand, resulting in time-consuming and resource-intensive product development cycle.  Therefore, IMOSTAR was founded and its core value is to provide wireless IoT platform solutions that enable painless development experience.

We understand there is no royal road to geometry, and no shortcuts to product innovation and development.  We think the design fundamentals and start from the basics, which seems slow but is actually the fastest and solid way to reach the goal.  Since establishment, IMOSTAR started with the low-power Bluetooth that has been widely adopted and supports the enhanced features from Bluetooth 5 to extend the application scope.  The multi-band multi-mode IoT SoC platform development will be completed afterwards, launching a new page for a wide range of innovative use cases. 



IMOSTAR aims for exploring RF technology and MCU system aesthetics, providing reliable, secure, low-power wireless communication IC and network.

Big data and artificial intelligence rely on IoT end applications to provide reliable and useful dynamic data to solve the problems faced by modern human society.  Low-power multi-band multi-mode single-chip IoT development platform helps to solve the communication problems faced by IoT application developers, allowing them to focus on smart product development and applications. 



1.     Building a low-power wireless IoT platform. The goal is, radios are transparent to IoT application developers.

2.     More is less.  Integrating multiple low-power IoT radios on a single chip benefits IoT developers, the manufacturing ecosystem and end users, with many counterintuitive benefits.

3.     IMOSTAR Technologies focus on providing reliable, secure, low-power wireless communication IC and network.  Flexible programmability and multi-mode concurrent extend the application scope and meet the fragmented IoT markets, delivering Communications-ready platform for IoT application developers.

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