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Home Realization.


Connected Home

Home Automation

TVs, speakers, voice-controlled platform, lighting, security system, cameras, locks, windows, smoke detectors, thermostats, appliances, EV chargers, electricity / water / gas / heat meters, and more, can all communicate, send information and respond to commands, help improving our quality of life.


Matter is an IP-based protocol that runs on Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Thread network layers.  Matter uses Bluetooth Low Energy for commissioning, providing a uniform application control layer to connect and manage smart home devices.  Among the prevalence of Bluetooth and the throughput of Wi-Fi, Thread was added for its low power and support of IPv6 and mesh.  Matter does not support Zigbee, but it provides bridging functionality to support Zigbee Bridge devices.

Matter is an industry-unifying connectivity standard for smart home.  All devices are interoperable regardless of the makers and the connectivity technologies they are using.  All devices are compatible with the smart home voice services and all voice platforms are able to control all the devices.  Consumers can buy a new Matter device and immediately use it with the existing devices at home.


Connectivity Platform

With the increasing popularity of smart home devices, IMOSTAR low power wireless solutions enable these devices to operate for extended periods of time without needing frequent battery changes.  Providing seamless and reliable connected experiences that consumers are looking for in their homes.  Making our lives more convenient, comfortable, secure, and energy efficient.

IMOSTAR low-power, high-performance wireless solutions help to solve the communication problems faced by IoT application developers.


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