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Image by Danting Zhu

Ubiquitous Unique.


IMOSTAR provides cutting-edge low power RFICs, RF IPs, KGD, customized IC design, and reference designs to meet the needs of a wide range of IoT applications, ranging from low-power data transfer to large-scale device networks across various industries.

IMOSTAR low power wireless solutions are designed to optimize power consumption and extend battery life, while delivering outstanding performance and functionality. Communications-ready and ease-of-use help to solve the communication problems faced by IoT application developers, allowing them to focus on smart product and applications development.

Car Factory

Industrial IoT

Real-time communication is the essential enabler for Smart Industry.  IMOSTAR wireless solutions help manufacturers to improve productivity, efficiency, workplace safety, reduce energy use and operating costs.

Smart Alarm System

Smart Home

IMOSTAR wireless solutions provide reliable connectivity for smart home devices and control system, realizing all possibilities of smart home, making our lives more convenient, comfortable, secure, and energy efficient.

Image by Michał Parzuchowski

Location Service

BLE + UWB is the perfect solution for indoor positioning and proximity platform.  Asset tracking, people tracking, item finding, point of interest information, wayfinding, access control, digital keys, and more.

Refrigerated Goods


IMOSTAR low power wireless solutions are designed to optimize power consumption, enable ESLs (Electronic Shelf Labels) to operate for extended periods on a single battery charge.

Auto Virtual Reality


Digital key, car sharing, personalization, infotainment, cable replacement, wireless sensors networks (tire pressure/ fuel level/ battery/ temperature) monitoring and condition alerts for real-time diagnostics.

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